Graduate Certificate Requirements

Any graduate student enrolled in good standing in a Texas A&M University masters or doctoral program is eligible to apply for acceptance to the Digital Humanities Certificate.

Students interested, or not formally enrolled, in the certificate are strongly encouraged to enroll in the certificate early in their course work.  Complete the application and contact the certificate coordinator at for an appointment.  Students not enrolled in the certificate may miss out on critical program information and updates.

For more information about courses, independent study project questions, etc., go to FAQs.

Certificate Requirements: Certificate candidates must complete 12 hours of course work approved by the certificate coordinator as follows:

  • 6 hours from approved course list*
  • 3 hours from approved course list* outside the student’s home department.
  • 3  hours Independent Study: A report on the independent study project must be submitted to the certificate coordinator upon completion of the project.  (Digital Humanities Faculty)
  • Successful course completion requires the award of a minimum grade of B.

*     Student may request approval from certificate coordinator to include other courses with digital humanities content.

Independent Study Project: Varied and wide-ranging projects are acceptable for the project including research on computer-aided textual resources, the digital expression of an archival collection, the development of software for humanities research projects, or directed readings in relevant subject areas.  The project may be conducted in collaboration with a non-profit museum or other appropriate cultural institution. Depending on the nature of the project, the student’s project is directed by a faculty member in the College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture, College of Engineering, College of Education and Human Development, TAMU Libraries, or other appropriate college or combination.  A project proposal/syllabus is required.  A two- to three-page report explaining the independent study project is submitted to the certificate coordinator.

Successful completion of the certificate coursework and the independent study project in the student’s approved plan of study constitutes completion of the requirements for award of the Digital Humanities Certificate.  Independent study reports are archived and made accessible, as examples, on the certificate website.

To enroll in the certificate program: Complete the application and contact the certificate coordinator at for an appointment.  The plan of study is developed with the guidance of the student’s advisor(s) and the certificate coordinator.

Award of Certificate: Upon completion of the courses in the plan of study, the student provides an approved copy of his/her Plan of Study along with a copy of his/her transcript to the certificate coordinator to confirm that the student successfully completed the certificate requirements.  If the requirements are met, the certificate coordinator notifies the registrar through the Dean of Graduate Studies of the student’s college.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify the certificate coordinator when the course work is completed.