In 2006, the members of the Digital Humanities Working Group created a proposal for a Digital Humanities Certificate at Texas A&M. The certificate, which was formally approved in 2008, was one of the first of its kind in the country. The DH certificate program allows graduate students to create an individualized, interdisciplinary course of study in digital humanities, and to have that effort formally acknowledged on their transcripts. But the DH certificate is about more than coursework. Every semester, students in the DH certificate program will be invited to various events sponsored by the Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR) and encouraged to find informal ways to work and learn together. Digital humanities at Texas A&M is about intellectual community, collaboration, and exploration: we are all learning –and sharing — new things every day. As a DH Certificate student, you will have many opportunities to be part of that community, and I hope you will take full advantage of them.