Students interested, but not formally enrolled, in the certificate are strongly encouraged to enroll in the certificate early in their course work.  Students not formally enrolled in the certificate will miss out on critical program information and updates.  They also run the risk of facing complications with financial aid.

Application and Plan of Study Forms

Please complete the Certificate Application form, see link below, in order to enroll in the certificate and to receive critical information about news and opportunities related to the certificate.  Upon enrollment into the certificate you should plan to consult with the certificate coordinator Dr. Daniel Schwartz ( about completing a Plan of Study.  Please direct additional questions to Dr. Schwartz or to with DHCertificate as the subject.

DH Graduate Certificate Application

DH Graduate Certificate Plan of Study

Report Forms

A project proposal must be submitted in advance of taking the independent study course and a project report must be submitted upon completion of the project, see below for forms.

Project Proposal Form

Project Report Form