Any graduate student enrolled in good standing in a Texas A&M University masters or doctoral program is eligible to apply for acceptance to the Digital Humanities Certificate.

Students interested, but not formally enrolled, in the certificate are strongly encouraged to enroll in the certificate early in their course work.  Complete the application and contact the certificate coordinator, Dr. Daniel Schwartz, at for an appointment.  Students not enrolled in the certificate will miss out on critical program information and updates.  They also run the risk of facing complications with financial aid.

For more information about courses, independent study project questions, etc., go to FAQs.

Course Requirements: Certificate candidates must complete 12 hours of course work approved by the certificate coordinator as follows:

  • 6 hours from approved course list*
  • 3 hours from approved course list* outside the student’s home department.
  • 3  hours DHUM 685. The independent study may be completed with any Digital Humanities Faculty but the digital project must be designed in consultation with the Certificate Coordinator.
  • Successful course completion requires the award of a minimum grade of B.

*     Student may request approval from Certificate Coordinator to include other courses with digital humanities content.

Non-Course Requirements: The Independent Study course (DHUM 685) is designed to facilitate the completion of a project where the student produces a digital artifact.  As Digital Humanities is a broad field, so the Certificate seeks to recognize a broad range of projects.  The requirement focuses on the production of a digital artifact that could take, but is not limited to, any of the following forms: computer program, game, database, encoded text, digital map, data visualization, RDF triple store, digital art, digital curation of artistic material, pedagogical materials, digital literary analysis, digital archiving, digital storytelling, wearable computing, 3D printing, etc.  The project may be conducted in collaboration with a faculty research project or a non-profit museum or other appropriate cultural institution.  Students will need to provide the the Certificate Coordinator each of the following:

  • A project proposal submitted in advance of taking the independent study course, Project Proposal Form.
  • Access to the digital artifact produced by the student, and
  • A project report submitted upon completion of the project, Project Report Form.

To enroll in the certificate program: Complete the application and contact the certificate coordinator, Dr. Daniel Schwartz, at for an appointment.  The plan of study is developed with the guidance of the student’s advisor(s) and the Certificate Coordinator.

Award of Certificate: Successful completion of the course requirements and the non-course requirements constitutes completion for award of the Digital Humanities Certificate.  When a student has completed all requirements, he/she should contact the Certificate Coordinator who can verify completion, process the required documentation with the university, and inform the student when he/she may request the Certificate in Howdy.

The student must request the Certificate in Howdy prior to graduation or the Certificate cannot be awarded.