Participating Units

The Digital Humanities Certificate is a collaborative effort of TAMU libraries, College of Liberal Arts, College of Architecture, College of Engineering, and College of Education and Human Development.

CoDHR Advisory Board

The CoDHR Advisory Board provides interdisciplinary oversight of the certificate, reviewing changes in policies, procedures, and curriculum and advising the certificate coordinator.


The certificate is administered by one of the participating, degree-granting units. Administrative responsibility is vested in the certificate coordinator who is be a member of the graduate faculty and is responsible for day-to-day operations of the certificate including the following functions: certificate planning and development, marketing and outreach, oversight of web site development for the certificate, representation of the certificate to committees and other entities and groups, prospective student advising, approval of plans of study, consultation with certificate students and their advisors, confirmation of future availability of courses needed by the certificate’s students, enrollment monitoring, certificate evaluation, and review of certificate status for the advisory committee. Upon the student’s completion of certificate requirements, the certificate coordinator determines whether the requirements of the certificate have been met, and initiates the appropriate procedures for its award.